JOONYA | Why Joonya



The idea for the Joonya eco-store was born out of frustration with existing options. Most eco-themed baby products are far too expensive, considering that many are not offering an ideal product to begin with. On the other hand, the cheaper options most of us are forced to use are made by large multinational companies who rely on their marketing and distribution channels to flood the market with inferior products.

We strongly believe that parents should not have to sacrifice the health of their baby or the environment in order to afford a quality product. It is our sincere hope that our customers support our vision as we expand into new categories.

The days of the multinational companies’ market domination are coming to an end. Smaller, more customer-focused and ethical brands such as Joonya can thrive in the new era by offering a direct-to-consumer, online model that bypasses traditional channels.


We agree to:

Research and use the safest and most effective ingredients and materials in all our products.


Give the best possible price for our customers by cutting out middle men and negotiating with our suppliers.


Provide opportunities to save even more by buying in bulk where appropriate.


Be fast and friendly with our customer service, always putting our customers first.


Design aesthetically beautiful products, brightening the homes and lives of our customers.


Continue to innovate in finding new ways to help families thrive.