JOONYA | Baby changing mats made with soft vegan leather



the feel-good vegan mat

kind, safe & DURABLE

Soft Vegan Leather
Looks and feels like genuine leather but no animals are subjected to cruelty to make our beautiful mats.
Independent Testing
Manufactured to strict international safety standards (EN-71) & then independently tested by SGS for harmful chemicals.
Ultra Durable
We use a high quality, buttery- soft PU vegan leather which is water impermeable and stain resistant.

embrace the glorious mess

Best multipurpose mat
Best multipurpose mat for on the go! We love using our Joonya Feel-Good Mat as an "on the go" changing pad, seat for myself on wet grass at the park or as a placemat for my toddler when we eat out and about! I love that I can give it a quick wash when I get home and hang it up to dry to use again the next day. So many purposes, and oh, so stylish!
Tracy Edwards
Feels just like leather!
Absolutely in love with my vegan leather change mat.The quality is incredible and it honestly feels just like genuine leather but it's actually wipeable and easy to maintain. I was looking at a few other options but they had flocked suede on the bottom which is not vegan! The earthy colours are beautiful and it folds away super small for easy storage. Every Mumma should have one of these.
Alexia Andrews
Safe for my baby
Joonya have done it again! I love that they have created a non-toxic and certified vegan & cruelty free change mat to complete our baby change routine. We already use the wipes and nappies and now we can change our baby every day on a mat that has been independently tested for chemicals. Thankyou Joonya for the thought you put into creating products safe for our little ones.
Sofia Yates
No to animal skin leather

say no to animal skin leather

Most animals experience fear & suffering prior to slaughter. Branding, dehorning and castration are often performed with no pain relief.

Turning their skin into leather also uses large amounts of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and dyes, which are harmful to human health.

Our mats are 100% vegan leather (PU) & Animal Test-Free & Vegan Certified by PETA.