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Danish Made, Skin-Loving
Forest-Friendly Diapers
Bulk Carton - 6 bags

  • Save 17% with our risk-free subscription
  • Each bulk carton contains 6 full bags of diapers
  • Made in Denmark to strict eco & safety standards
  • Channel technology leads moisture away from skin & holds multiple wettings
  • Double layer leak protection for calm, dry nights
  • Allergy friendly for sensitive, rash prone skin
  • 0% parabens, perfume, lotions & chlorine
  • Forest-loving FSC certified pulp in core C145475
  • Silky-soft, ultra-thin and super-absorbent
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We mostly use UPS and USPS to get our products to you quickly and reliably.

Delivery times vary. Our warehouses are in Las Vegas, NV and Easton, PA which means your order should arrive within 1-4 days.

You should receive tracking information from us via email on the afternoon of the day it is dispatched from our warehouse. If you do not receive within 1 business day, send us an email and we’ll chase up for you.

Currently we have a USA website selling to USA residents of the lower 48 states, as well as a separate website for Australian residents. The flag in the header will tell you which website you have landed on. We use IP detection to route you to the relevant website.

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I was taken aback when Leanne opened my eyes to the chemicals that touch our babies’ bodies for 24 hours a day in the first few years of their lives. So I was deeply appreciative of and excited by the launch of Joonya – whose diapers are not only safe, but completely effective.

Amy Malpass Hahn Thegracetales.com.au
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I love how soft and lightweight these diapers are! Bub is really comfortable in them, especially as the days start to warm up again. The simple sun pattern is so sweet and I absolutely love that they are made using responsible & sustainable materials. Such a great diaper.

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Silky soft and incredibly slim fitting but highly absorbent, these diapers are like no others I’ve tried. I find the channel
technology spreads the absorption over the whole diaper, dramatically reducing the chance
of leaks. I also really love how transparent and responsible the company is in their ingredient choice and material sourcing.


Made in Denmark Made in Denmark Australian Family Owned Dermatest

Loved & Praised by

Like putting your babies bum on a cloud
These diapers are fantastic, soft durable and well fitting. Definitely worth the investment. It’s like putting your babies bum on a cloud they are that soft. Would recommend to anyone wanting to switch happy brands.
Allysha- productreview.com.au
Can't live without!!!
We love these beautiful diapers! Never had an accident with them and we have tried multiple types of Eco Diapers! The quality is fantastic and so is the service. Delivery is extremely quick! We always recommended to friends and family! Thanks so much for your beautiful quality product! :)
Alyssa - productreview.com.au
Top Notch
These guys are excellent. If you've got a question they'll reply promptly and best of all they are Aussie owned. Diapers are made in a high end European factory. You're getting very high quality diapers at a fraction of the price of the high end euro ones. Couldn't be happier with them and wish them all the best
David - productreview.com.au

Nappies Nappies Nappies



European channel technology keeps baby dry for longer. Double leakage layers provide overnight protection. 100% natural skin-to-skin contact with inner layer touching baby’s skin. Soft on skin & helps minimise rashes.


Totally free of chlorine, latex, phthalates, perfumes, pesticides, allergens & heavy metals. Passed independent chemical testing performed by Eurofins Laboratory. Certified by Nordic Swan – the official stamp of quality & chemical safety for products made in Nordic countries.


Backsheet & topsheet contain bio-based, earth-friendly materials derived from GMO free sugarcane and corn. Totally chlorine free (TCF) core contains wood fluff from responsibly harvested forests – certified to FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®).


The Dermatest Seal confirms our diapers passed rigorous patch testing on sensitive skin. Allergy Certified carefully examined our materials for allergens, impurities, carcinogens & endocrine disrupting chemicals.

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    • Made of non-toxic latex-free elastomers & non-woven.
    • Oversized & super stretchy ensuring a snug fit.


    • Super absorbent core uses the latest channel technology to lead moisture away from the skin. Holds multiple wettings – perfect for overnight use.
    • Made from 100% totally chlorine free wood fluff (TCF) & super absorbent polymer beads. Bleached safely with oxygen and ozone.
    • Wood fluff made from responsibly sourced Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC MIX) certified wood pulp.


    • Latex-free cuff & inner leakage barrier help contain moisture inside the diaper keeping your baby comfortable and dry.
    • Silky-soft layers touching the skin are made from Green PE (sugarcane derived). Outer layers made from PP.


    • 100% natural skin-to-skin contact with top layer touching baby’s skin.
    • Made of incredibly soft GMO Free Green PE non-woven (sugar cane derived) and PLA (typically corn starch derived) renewable materials.
    • Designed to minimise allergy & rash.


    • Breathable textile-like back sheet (PE & PP) is silky-soft and allows air to circulate and prevent irritation.
    • Colour is non-toxic and free from harsh chemicals.
    • Adorable unisex sunshine print.


    • EU Ecolabel.
    • Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
    • Allergy Certified.
    • German Dermatest Seal.
    • PETA Animal Test Free & Vegan.
    • FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council).


    • Chlorine, lotions, perfumes, latex, heavy metals & other toxic chemicals.

maybe you were wondering

We have carefully chosen the materials to be as eco-friendly and non-toxic as possible. The top sheet touching your baby and back sheet have bio-based materials in the diapers, while the totally chlorine free core (TCF) is made from super absorbent polymers and FSC® Mix (C145475) certified wood pulp – sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Note – our pull-ups currently do not have the bio-based topsheet, but we are actively working on introducing that soon!

Our diapers & pull-ups are made in Denmark by a manufacturer at the cutting edge of diaper technology. We literally scoured the globe in the hunt for the best supplier.

Our core is made from totally chlorine free wood fibres (TCF) & super absorbent polymer beads. Bleached safely with oxygen based agents.

This is the best part of having babies…let’s do this! We recommend you follow the steps below:
1. Choose a safe, flat and secure surface to change your baby and lie them on their back.
2. Open out the diaper and slide your fingers down the side to lift up the leak guards.
3. Lift your baby’s legs up and place underneath so they are lying on it & ensure tabs are at the back.
4. Peel back the grip tabs and secure on the front panel.
5. Reposition the grip tabs to adjust the fit of your baby’s diaper so they are comfortable. Double-check that the diaper does not feel too loose or too tight.
6. When disposing of diaper, please place in the garbage bin. Do not recycle or flush down toilet.

Yes, our diapers & pull-ups are designed to be unisex and your baby’s weight will be the best guide to selecting a size. With each baby having somewhat of a unique shape, if there is any doubt about which size is suitable (the weight may suit more than one size), then we recommend our trial offer.

We are very proud to be featuring this logo, which means at least 70% of the wood fluff in our diaper core comes from responsibly managed forests that are independently certified to FSC standards. The remainder comes from controlled wood sources. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensures the harvest of timber products maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes. It means that forest operations are structured and managed to be sufficiently profitable, without generating financial profit at the expense of the forest resource, the ecosystem, or affected communities. By providing strong incentives to sustain forest resources with long-term management plans, it means both locals and society at large can enjoy long term benefits. Together, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Joonya are providing a product that delivers a brighter future for the next generation. For more information about the FSC, take a look here – https://au.fsc.org/en-au

The “Original DERMATEST®” seal confirms that our diapers & pull-ups do not cause skin irritation or hypersensitivity to the skin after dermatological testing. Products certified with this seal keep the promise of tested and confirmed quality. The test procedure involved a small sample of the top sheet, ears and tabs being applied to the skin of 30 panelists via an occlusive patch at a suitable concentration. In this test panel there were people with very dry, oily, normal and sensitive skin. The skin is checked at 24, 48 and 72 hour intervals. A positive reaction provides evidence of primary irritation to the substances. In conclusion, all 30 panelists experienced ‘no reaction’ to the test sample. For more information on Dermatest check out www.dermatest.de

All Joonya products are vegan and free of any testing on animals. Joonya is proud to be certified by PETA (peta.org).

Our SAP is certified by Allergy Certified, EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel. All these labels require testing of raw material composition to approve the use of the finished product. The exact testing and composition is not known as it is provided to the certifying bodies confidentially by the SAP suppliers.

The plastic tab goes at the back of the pull-up, and is used for neat, hygienic disposal of the dirty pull-up. You will love the convenience this offers!

Forests loving nappies Forests loving nappies
Forests loving nappies

forest-loving diapers

While you take care of your baby’s skin, we’ll help you take care of our forests. Our forests give us many things, including the wood fluff in our diaper core.

The Forest Stewardship Council® helps look after forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. So you can keep your life full of forest products while keeping our forests full of life. Choose FSC®.

Learn more here.


Independent safety checks

Joonya are the first Australian brand to publish the chemical tests carried out by an independent laboratory.

Fragrance, Phthalates Pesticides, Lotions, Heavy Metals, Allergens PAH's, PCB's, Chlorine.

Joonya is committed to
transparency and creating
safe diapers free from harsh
ingredients and suspected


Chemicals in big brand diapers

The inspiration behind our creations comes from being parents ourselves and our concern for the harmful chemicals that we were unknowingly exposing our children to 24 hours a day.

We have discovered an industry where brands aren’t always honest with false marketing claims and questionable ingredients the norm.

When you consider a diaper is in almost permanent contact with a baby’s skin, and the growing suspicions among the scientific community about certain ingredients accused of being harmful to health…

It's important to know whether the diaper contains harmful chemicals that could migrate through urine, and absorb into your baby's skin and organs.
Joonya is commited to transparency and creating safe diapers free from harsh ingredients and suspected carcinogens.
See the microbiological-chemical test results by Eurofins Laboratory.
NOTE: New Danish microbiological-chemical test results by Eurofins Laboratory to be posted publicly when complete in October 2023
Fragrance, Phthalates Pesticides, Lotions, Heavy Metals, Allergens PAH's, PCB's, Chlorine.
See the microbiological-chemical test results by Eurofins Laboratory.
NOTE: New Danish microbiological-chemical test results by Eurofins Laboratory to be posted publicly when complete in October 2023