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Joonya Affiliate Program

Who are we?

Joonya is a relatively young brand whose target audience is the increasing number of informed parents who are demanding safer products for their families and the environment. We sell premium products at affordable prices mainly via our bulk online membership model which includes free delivery.

We have experienced rapid growth in the US and Australian markets. Popular bloggers ‘I Read Labels For You’ and ‘My Non-Toxic Baby’ have both ranked us their #1 baby wipes brand. We also won the 2017 Mother & Baby Award for Most Popular Baby Wipe (Fragrance Free).

Want to join in?

If you have a website, blog or strong social media presence you can become a Joonya Affiliate.

You may be a fashion forward mama, eco warrior, non-toxic oracle or a parent that would just love to trial and share safe products with your community…and make some money too!

Here’s what we do…

We pay commission on validated sales that you drive to our site. The rate of commission is 5% of the first order. On the second to fifth order the commission is 2.5 %. Subscription members pay around $110 for each bulk order.

Using third party tracking that lasts for 180 days, we are able to see which new customers came from your tracking link.

Benefits of membership include:


Earn money for talking about Joonya


Trial our wipes for free – just pay $8 shipping


Gain access to images and educational articles to use


Product giveaways & promo codes for your community


Increase traffic to your website by talking about a popular topic with parents…non-toxic products!

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